About Us

INTERNET Co., Ltd. develops the softwares of music production and audio editing, audio plug-ins of many kinds, Vocaloid libraries and so on. Collaborating with many domestic and foreign music instrument makers (Roland, YAMAHA, Sonnox, etc), we have developed and supplied our softwares since the earliest days of computer music.

INTERNET Co., Ltd. is an Osaka-based Japanese company. Osaka is the second-largest commercial city. We have kept supporting the music production and sound design in Japan by our softwares for 30 years since our company was established in 1988. Our products are the high quality softwares with the spirit of hospitality that Japanese traditional manufacturing has kept, and we are aiming for the marriage of the latest technology, the higher operability that corresponds to user's needs and higher reliability.

Noboru Murakami

7-1-5 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
532-0011 JAPAN