In relation to use of our products when there is no Internet connection environment

When you select the flash memory (USB) as the activation device, you can activate and use our products even in circumstances of no Internet connection.
Notice : The products must be compatible with ActivateCenter and the flash memory (USB) for activating and using them on two or more computers.

  1. Activate by the flash memory (USB) on the first PC.
  2. Install ActivateCenter (since version 2.01.0) on the second PC.
  3. Please install or update ActivateCenter in the second PC which is not connected to the Internet.
    Please access to Download Center, download the updater of ActivateCenter by another PC which is connected to the Internet, copy it to the second PC and update.
  4. Plug in the flash memory used in Step1. to the second PC.
  5. Start ActivateCenter and click [Activate].
  6. The message shows and click [Yes].
  7. The massage says "The flash memory (USB) already completed activation is detected. Activate processing on this PC also will be performed by using this flash memory (USB). Do you agree with the way? " and click [Yes].

  8. Activate windows will show and click [Activate].
  9. When the activate window open with the detected flash memory (USB) selected, click [Activate].

    And the activation is completed.