Cut And Paste With Cross Fade For Reducing Junction NoisePro

This cross fade function is specially designed for reducing the dissonant click noises easily which is generated from a discontinuous waveform after frequent cut or paste. This helps you to free to have to use restoration effects for reducing noise after cut or paste editing.

Editing multiple files

Multiple files can be opened at the same time and edit them with each other. One file contains one track audio data, does not support multiple track construction.


Markers are used to search the waveform positions when you try and edit or play, set dividing points and define the top or end point of the target area for editing such as cut, copy, trim and so on. You can put markers easily while playing and editing. There are special marker's types such as dividing point, a start or end point for extracting and chapter markers. All markers have each marker type and comment, and they are listed and editable at the Marker List Window.

Auto Silence Detection

This function allows you to add division or region markers after detecting silence automatically. You can divide a recording data from a analog disk or tape including one single track into a number of tracks.


Level and balance of copied data can be controlled and previewed before merging with existing data.

Create A New File From Selected Area

Easy to create as a new file with dragging selected area to the outside of the current Edit Window.

Edit Each Sample

Using Pen Tool, it is very easy to edit each level of sampling points freely to remove momentary noise which any noise reduction or restoration effects are unable to clean.

Other Edit Functions

Cut / Copy / Paste / Trim / Erase / Undo / Redo / Insert a file / Snap to Zero Crossing

Remove DC Offset

DC offset caused by the leak voltage from the output stage of some audio interfaces can be removed easily from the recording data. DC offset is not audible in itself but it may cause dissonant noise after editing or processing with each repetition.

Precise Normalize And Gain Control

Normalize and Gain are controlled precisely with calculating a level (dB) to one decimal places.

Other Processing

Fade-In/Out, Reverse, Insert Blank, Audio Format Conversion (Bit Resolution/Sampling Rate/Channel), Invert Phase, Swap Channel, Gain (Level) Control, Normalize