High-Resolution AudioPro

High-resolution PCM (DXD) maximum 768kHz / 32Bit INT and DSD 256 / 128 / 64 formats are supported. You can load, record, edit, process and save these file types.
* You can edit and process DSD converted to PCM then save as DSD.

DSD Native Recording / PlaybackPro

You can do DSD Native Recording and Playback without converting to PCM format.

Supported DSD audio formats
DSD64 (2.82MHz/3.07MHz), DSD128 (5.64MHz/6.14MHz), DSD256 (11.28MHz/12.28MHz)
* The audio interface or AD/DA converter, compatible with DSD Native Recording / Playback.
* Proper ASIO driver are needed.


Sound it! come with three types of Sonnox restoration plug-ins, De-Noiser, De-Clicker and De-Buzzer can accurately remove clicks, crackles and buzzes. Sonnox plug-ins are used by professionals worldwide for mixing and mastering music, film, television, radio and live sound.

  • Bundled Effect Plug-Ins

    Sound it! 8 Pro bundles 49 powerful effect plug-ins, including the high-end Sonnox effects, EQ, Limiter and Reverb, also fully compatible to native 64bit Operating systems and VST3.
    * Basic bundles 25 effect plug-ins.

  • Vst2/3 and Audio Units (AU) Support

    * Audio Units (AU) are available on only Macintosh edition.

    Mastering & Post-Production

    Mastering tools, Loudness MeterPro that is utilized in broadcasting and a professional Limiter by Sonnox are included in Sound it! 8 Pro. Giving you the ability to combine with many other functions will be further effective in cleaning up and mastering your creative works.
    * Loudness Meter confirms to Broadcast Standards, EBU R128 and ARIB TR B32.

    Automation EnvelopePro

    You can draw automation envelopes of Volume and Pan and adjust them continuously.

    Batch Processing

    Batch Processing is very easy to use when affecting all of the same processing to all files included in the same folder. Available functions in the Batch Processing are Insertion of effects in the MixerPro, Gain control, Normalize, Auto Level, Audio format conversion, fade-in/fade-out, and file format conversion.

    DDP CreationPro

    You can create DDP files and reflect ISRC and EAN to them. DDP is a format for specifying the content of CD and commonly used for delivery of disc premasters for duplication.

    Music CD Burning / Ripping

    You can create music CD with adjusting levels and equalization. Also pre-gap time in 10ms (Basic:1s) increments gap-less and crossfade settings between tracks can be configurable.
    Sound it! 8 Pro supports CD-TEXT.
    * CD-TEXT can be shown by CD-TEXT compatible player.
    * For burning music CD with CD-TEXT, CD-TEXT compatible disc drive (RAW+96 or RAW+96(P) compatible) is needed.

    Create ACID Files

    Easy to create ACID files, specifying a tempo, a beat or a root note name and saving with the WAV (Linear PCM) formats. These files are used in any other DAW softwares compatible with ACID files.