Sound it! 8 Pro for Windows Demo version Installation & Settings Guide

Before Starting Installation


  1. Double click on the downloaded file "SounditProTrialSetup.exe".

  2. Following the instructions on Install Wizard, please continue installation.
  3. * When you specify "64bit", you can use VST plugins compatible with 64bit and 32bit OS. When you specify "32bit", you can use VST plugins compatible with 32bit OS.

  4. The install wizard will complete the installation.

Settings Before Using The Demo Version

  1. Start Sound it! Pro Demo.

  2. * Click the shortcut icon on desktop or [Windows Start Menu] [Sound it! Pro Demo] [Sound it! Pro Demo].
  3. During the first launch, the message about audio devices will be shown. Click [OK].

  4. Specify the audio devices in [Audio Device Settings].

  5. * In this Demo version, you can record the audio data but can not save it as a file.
  6. Click [OK] and complete.
  7. * You can specify the audio devices later from Settings menu "Audio Device Settings" after starting Sound it!.


You can uninstall Sound it! through the Windows Control Panel.

User's Maual

About setup and operation method, check the User's Manual for details from Help menu "Launch Manual" or Windows' Start menu.